Go back in time to famous places long gone to music history. 

With the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift be transported to Abbey Road Studio #2 in 1967 during the Sgt Peppers sessions , walk around the entire studio and see the recoridng sessions from angles never before thought possible, in 360 degree high resolution detail from anywhere around the room.

Interactive elements react to your movements and commands. 

Sit behind Ringo's Ludwig kit and see the studio!

See every session from 1962 to 1970...the Revolver sessions in studio #3 and in studio #1, the the Our World broadcast of All You Need Is Love and the orcestra for A Day IN The Life.

View the room from the point of view of each Beatle and experience what it was like to be in the studio making a Beatle record - see what The Beatles see!

Climb the famous stairs and look out over the studio form the control room. 
Venture out to other familiar places like Woolton Church Hall on 6 July 1957 and see what it looked like when John and Paul met. 

Go inside the living room at Mendips and see the Quarry Men gear. Travel to and from places like The Cavern Club and The Casbah, from the Ed Sullivan Theater to the Apple rooftop , with full 360 degree panoramic views in stunning full-color.


Pending clearance and licencing, photos and video of The Beatles and other artists can be seamlessly added to the virtual rooms. 


Other available 360 degree locations include: 

  • Percy Phillips Studio - his small studio room behind the family shop.
  • Decca Studio
  • Woolton Church Hall
  • Woolton Fete (outside - Quarrymen stage)
  • 20 Forthlin Rd.  (living room)
  • Mendips(living room)
  • 25 Upton (living room)
  • The Star Club
  • The Casbah
  • The Cavern
  • The Ed Sullivan theater, seating and sets.
  • The Washington Coliseum
  • Deauville Hotel rehearsal
  • The living room in Help! 
  • Lennon's Kenwood sun room
  • Lennon's Kenwood attic studio
  • El Delfin Verde
  • SFF film location at Knole Park - Full terrain made from sat data.
  • Sgt Peppers Cover photo shoot
  • Kinfauns - The Esher demos
  • Apple Studio
  • The Apple rooftop with the surrounding skyline
  • The "Imagine"room at Tittenhurst.


Live venues -  partial list - essentially a 180 degree view

  • Friedrich-Ebert-Halle stage set up ( Bert Kaempfert sessions)
  • Aintree
  • Star Club
  • Indra Club
  • Kaiserkeller
  • Top Ten Club
  • Jacaranda Club
  • Manchester 1963
  • Royal Command Performance
  • London Palladium
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Blackpool Night Out
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • Palais Des Sports, Paris,  June 20, 1965
  • Donmar Warehouse
  • Budokan
  • Shea Stadium
  • West Malling - I Am The Walrus set
  • Strawberry Fields - front gate and driveway to main house



HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR glasses used with a scale-room virtual reality station.
Complete interactivity with audio and video cues. 

To reach a world-wide audience, any given 360 virtual scene can be exported for the web or for smartphones employing Augmented Reality (AR) technology. 

Examples of AR are navigation systems that to superimpose a route over the live view of the road, during football games where broadcasters use AR to draw lines on the field to illustrate and analyze plays, or furniture companies to let you see how a piece would look in your space.

The visitor can snap a still image and send it as an e-card or order that view as a photographic print. The email contacts join the list of outgoing e-news letters and updates. 

Interested industry related companies can sponsor links direct to their websites.
For example, click on Paul's Hofner bass and a short history pops up with a link directly to their website, specifically the 5001 violin bass page.



These virtual scenes will also do double duty to output hundreds of still and animated renderings to then be delivered digitally to high-definition screens up to 4K around the world. 

The service would be subscription or licensed based, and with embedded display setting options, the end user would be entertainment venues and museums, recording studios , music establishments, and home living spaces around the world. 

Large HD screens lounges and main halls with stunning high resolution photo-real images of the studios, stages and personal spaces like Lennon's attic studio at Kenwood. 
Youre sitting in the Cavern Club or a rock-themed cafe, and in the space the size of a single large format movie poster, hundreds of photo-real renderings and animations play on screen.

From the early days at the Cavern to the Apple rooftop, the patron can point their smart phone at a small QR code and order any image on screen as a photographic print.
As host company , the images and virtual exhibits can also be licenced to third party venues. 

And the virtual tours don't stop with The Beatles.

Why not interconnect the Beatles with their contemporaries of rock history? In production along side The Beatles virtual scenes is the Rolling Stones session for Sympathy For The Devil at Olympic studios, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon in Abbey Rd #3 studio, The Who Tommy sessions, Jimi Hendrix at Electric Ladyland Studio. 



In order to accurately re-create all the guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, and all manner of Beatles instruments, in March of 2005 I began research into every piece to make highly detailed 3D models. 

The same process applied for all the outboard recording gear used at Abbey Road and other studios of the day. The REDD.51 mixing console, the BTR and Studer-C-37 tape machines, and many other pieces of recording gear seen in the control rooms, tape rooms and echo chambers.

On the floor of the studios are the microphones and stands, boom microphones, power supplies, the custom speakers at made at EMI's Hayes factory, chairs, miscellaneous furniture, down to the alarm clock seen on the Steinway used for A Day In The Life.
If it's in a Beatles session photo, it's a 3D model with associated textures: i.e. the correct wood and hardware on the instruments, and the correct fabric and textiles present in every 3D virtual scene. 

As for the studios, live venues and other places from Woolton Hall to the Apple rooftop, it was a several-year process to compile room dimensions , lighting, wall, floor, and fabric textiles, and other room features and content.

In some cases I was able to secure architectural plans: Abbey Road, 20 Forthlin Rd, Tittenhurst, Kenwood, but most spaces were made from photographic references with standard building codes of the day and/or first hand accounts. 

In the course of my research , I contacted and spoke to over 300 musicians, recording professionals,  authors, collectors, past and present employees, and fans , even a few that saw the Beatles at The Cavern Club. And several wonderful Beatles experts and Liverpool locals. 

And during this production period, Ive made countless updates and revisions as i learned new information. A process that will always be on-going.

The gracious members of the Quarrymen, a few former Abbey Rd employees who were there for Beatles sessions, the curator of Mendips, The National Trust, a retired CBS stage technician who had hand drawings and photos of two Ed Sullivan sets.

As timing and luck would have it, a week before it was demolished, I secured the measurements of the pool room at the Deauville Hotel where The Beatles rehearsed for the Ed Sullivan Show, now a 360 degree virtual tour. 

A lifelong resident of Liverpool who provided photos of his uncle's wedding in Woolton Church Hall in 1955. Photos and first hand accounts of the stage of the Woolton Fete where the famous photo of Lennon and the Quarrymen were taken. 

Even the son of the carpenter who built Lennon's sun room at Kenwood, now a 3D virtual tour complete with accurate furniture and wall art. 



Models , textures and room environments:

Over 5000 separate 3D models with thousands of associated textures and images. 
Every guitar, amplifier, drum set, keyboards and all manner of Beatles gear they used from 1956 to 1970. 

Accurate and complete 360 degree room environments capable of recreating every Abbey Road Beatles session 1962 to 1970. 

All the Abby Rd outboard recording gear such as speakers, microphones, stands, power supplies, amps, rack units and even a few obscure Hayes EMI prototypes such as the Bernie box and Zener Limiter and the very rare DT trolley, along with miscellaneous studio pieces.

Other current 360 degree virtual tours works in progress:

  • The Rolling Stones Olympic Studio "Sympathy For The Devil" sessions.
  • The Rolling Stones Mobile truck.
  • The Rolling Stones Villa Nellcôte Exile On Main St. basement sessions
  • Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon sessions at Abbey Rd Studio #3
  • FAME and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio