I highly recommend these renderings. The attention to detail and realistic colors jump right off the high quality photographic paper. I'll be coming back for more. They make great gifts!

Dave Green, Winter Springs, FL

February 9 1964

Purchased a 20 X 20 inch signed print, beautiful a joy for my eyes, love it.

Chris is a great person to do business with and shares a real admiration for the Beatles.Can't say enough how great it was talking with him and love the piece.

Rich Sauro, Medfield, MA


Just acquired the Studio 2 Sessions - October 65 print and it is really fabulous. What detail in this great rendering. Great for framing.

Randy Getsla, Chicago, IL

Wonderful attention to detail

Everything is accurately depicted, down to the setlist (since recovered) scrawled on hotel stationery. This is what the drum riser at the Washington Coliseum could have looked like before the Beatles' legendary performance. Trust that NO detail is amiss!

Joseph LaRose, Kent, OH United States

Studio 2 Session - October 1965

Fascinating detail from what might have been the Rubber Soul sessions, looking at Paul's instruments and amp setup. I love how this one and others re-imagine fascinating photographs that were never taken. Endlessly evocative for Beatles' fans.

Joseph LaRose, Kent, OH United States

Beautiful shot, iconic subject

Everything is right, from Lennon's Rickenbacker, to an actual chair from Studio 2 (with scratches!), to the clock in the distance. It's as if you took a closeup Polaroid during a Beatles' session when no one was there.

Realistically "antiqued" Polaroid, with a dramatic shot of John's shadow. Understated evocation of a Beatles session., must be seen to be fully appreciated

Joseph LaRose, Kent, OH United States

Studio 2 Session - October 1965

Love the print...instruments of Sir Paul when recording Rubber Soul...that says a lot..if you are a player or a Paul fan you will not be disappointed..such clarity.

I must say "it is so REAL". The Photograph here will not disappoint, it is almost like you can touch the drum kit. Makes you want to grab the drumsticks and have a go. I do not know the secret of the photography used life-like.

I have this poster it is just a pleasure to have...brings back good memories. If you are a Beatles must check this photo amazes me.

George King, USA